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Bacon Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Let’s be real, vegetables don’t always have to be the worst thing on your plate. If you or someone you love suffers from an irrational fear of vegetables, then there may be help. Do you often ask yourself, “what is this green stuff?” or “why are these on my plate?” I’ll admit I […]

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The old fashioned cocktail reminds me of a slightly sweeter twist on the Manhattan. Probably the two manliest staples of all time on par with splitting wood or axe throwing (which I’ve done both). The Old Fashioned is probably my second favorite whiskey cocktail and number two go-to drink. The old fashioned is […]

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How to Make Better Pizza at Home

We’ve all been there, your homemade pizza is plain, boring or just missing something. Have I painted your culinary nightmare yet? If so then you’re in the right place. A few years ago I was in your shoes. I rarely made homemade pizza because it was nothing special. I could take […]

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Easy Chicken Pesto Pasta Recipe

This could be the world’s easiest chicken pesto pasta recipe ever created. I take that back, this IS the world’s easiest chicken pesto pasta ever created. If you’re in a pinch, too lazy to cook something elaborate, and happen to be craving some carbs and protein, then this recipe is for you. This […]

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Cucumber Infused Blueberry Martini Recipe

The cucumber infused blueberry martini was originally inspired by a drink Patty ordered from a steakhouse in Manchester called the Hanover Street Chophouse. It basically tasted like a cosmopolitan and antioxidant martini combined, but infused with fresh cucumber. The drink was good, but in my eyes a true blueberry martini shouldn’t have cranberry […]

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Ultimate Guacamole Recipe

Patty and I are obsessed with the Guacamole at a Mexican restaurant in Boston called Papagayo. Yes, it’s “wicked good.” We analyze it every time we go to try to come up with something that tastes just as fresh and authentic. The waiters make it table side at lightning speed, […]

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Everyone loves sweet potato fries, that goes without saying—but obviously they are bad for you…which also goes without saying. Instead, I make a simple and healthier alternative. I bake all my fries with a little olive oil and plenty of seasoning. Garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper for the win. Sweet potato […]