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Cucumber Basil Margarita Recipe

Every had a margarita made with fresh basil and muddled cucumber? It probably doesn’t sound like anything that should ever be mixed, but it’s a surprisingly delicious twist on your every day marg. I thought of the cucumber basil margarita on my way home from work. A simple margarita with fresh muddled […]

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Chocolate Martini Recipe

The chocolate martini is the ultimate dessert or after dinner martini. I’ll admit I’ve always been a huge fan. This is slightly modeled after my chocolate espresso martini, however it was a challenge to get it just right. Once you remove the coffee liqueur and espresso from my espresso martini recipe, […]

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Moscow Mule Recipe

Despite being a fizzy classic, I don’t think the Moscow Mule is as popular as it should be. I’m new to them myself. I’d heard of them but only started drinking them more recently. The Dark and Stormy (the other ginger beer cocktail), is similar but more popular and uses […]

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Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Now I’m not trying to confuse the world or freak everyone out but I’m posting another Manhattan cocktail recipe. I guess you know I’m obsessed when I cover one drink three times. Not to be confused with the perfect Manhattan, which uses both sweet and dry vermouth. The classic Manhattan cocktail […]

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French 75 Recipe

The French 75 is a classic cocktail that consists of gin, champagne, simple syrup, and lemon juice. The cocktail dates back to 1915 when it earned it’s name for packing a punch like a 75mm artillery gun from World War I. If that’s not the most badass reputation then I don’t know what is. I use […]

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The old fashioned cocktail reminds me of a slightly sweeter twist on the Manhattan. Probably the two manliest staples of all time on par with splitting wood or axe throwing (which I’ve done both). The Old Fashioned is probably my second favorite whiskey cocktail and number two go-to drink. The old fashioned is […]

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Cucumber Infused Blueberry Martini Recipe

The cucumber infused blueberry martini was originally inspired by a drink Patty ordered from a steakhouse in Manchester called the Hanover Street Chophouse. It basically tasted like a cosmopolitan and antioxidant martini combined, but infused with fresh cucumber. The drink was good, but in my eyes a true blueberry martini shouldn’t have cranberry […]