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Bloody Mary Recipe

The Sunday Scaries will have to wait…it’s bloody mary time. Is there a better Sunday brunch cocktail than the bloody mary? Back when Patty and I were first dating and she was living in South Boston, we tried every spot that offered bloody marys and brunch. I’ve always LOVED breakfast, but I never […]

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Chocolate Martini Recipe

The chocolate martini is the ultimate dessert or after dinner martini. I’ll admit I’ve always been a huge fan. This is slightly modeled after my chocolate espresso martini, however it was a challenge to get it just right. Once you remove the coffee liqueur and espresso from my espresso martini recipe, […]

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Moscow Mule Recipe

Despite being a fizzy classic, I don’t think the Moscow mule is as popular as it should be. I’m new to exploring them myself—I’d heard of them of course, but only started adding them to our rotation of cocktails. The Dark and Stormy (the other ginger beer cocktail), is somewhat […]

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Cucumber Infused Blueberry Martini Recipe

The cucumber infused blueberry martini was originally inspired by a drink Patty ordered from a steakhouse in Manchester called the Hanover Street Chophouse. It basically tasted like a cosmopolitan and antioxidant martini combined, but infused with fresh cucumber. The drink was good, but in my eyes a true blueberry martini shouldn’t have cranberry […]

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Cosmopolitan Recipe

I wouldn’t call myself a cosmopolitan drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but every home bartender must have this important and classic staple in their repertoire. This recipe, which consists of vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice is tried and true and guaranteed to not disappoint your cosmo drinker. Print […]