Kitchen Swagger is a multiple author food blog featuring simple and delicious recipes from me, my wife Patty, and my brother-in-law Scott. We hope you enjoy reading and sharing!




My name is Shawn and welcome to my food blog. Pictured above is me and my beautiful wife Patty, who doubles as my official taste tester and growing contributor to KS.com. We got married in 2015 and currently reside in Southern New Hampshire. I love to cook (everything), eat healthy and try new recipes. I believe recipes should be a rough guide and not restrict you from adding your own personality and creativity.

At Kitchen Swagger, you will find a variety of seasonal cuisines with a focus on whole foods and simplicity. I develop and photograph all of my own recipes and thoroughly test everything so you can always count on successful and delicious results. Follow along with me and unleash your inner Kitchen Swagger.



Growing up, the culinary skills I developed were more in the realm of baking. I’ve always loved baking since the easy-bake-oven days of my childhood and watching my mother whip up desserts in the kitchen.

In college dinner consisted of cafeteria food, cereal, or a turkey sandwich – pretty boring in other words. Living in South Boston in my early twenties, I expanded my cooking horizons slightly. My roommate and I discovered we loved brussel sprouts, things got really exciting then!

Really though, it was when I met Shawn that I became interested in cooking because it was such a passion of his. Before I met him I was afraid to cook fish, now I incorporate fish into my recipes all the time. I used to find cooking intimidating in general, now I see how fun it can be. Shawn does most of the cooking in our house (my mother likes to tease me…if he likes to cook, let him cook!), but I am enjoying learning and experimenting in the kitchen. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…maybe that was the way to my heart too!




I first started to really cook, albeit not that great, while I lived on my own after graduating college. Anyone up for sausage casserole for dinner three times a week as well as lunch leftovers? But man cannot live on sausage casserole alone, so understandably, when I married my wonderful wife, she tried to make me eat healthier. I started to experiment with good cooking after we were married. We started staying in more when we bought our first house and started a family.  I was tired of eating healthy all week which meant that I would have to venture away from watching hockey all weekend and enter into the kitchen.  Needless to say, my wife was thrilled, both with having the TV back and not having to cook. My signature entree was Mac & Cheese and eventually I began experimenting with other recipes. Most of my recipes center around good old fashioned New England comfort food – foods best enjoyed with friends, family, and occasionally even by our two finicky toddlers.