My name is Shawn and welcome to my food blog, Kitchen Swagger. You’ll find me in the South Shore of Massachusetts with my wife Patty and two daughters Gloria and Camilla.

I love to cook, brew and drink beer, eat healthy (and sometimes not so healthy), exercise and experiment with new cocktails and cuisines. My personal philosophy is that recipes should be a rough guide and not restrict you from adding your own creativity.

At Kitchen Swagger, you will find a variety of mainly restaurant-inspired cuisines and both original and classic craft cocktails. Kitchen Swagger strives for whole foods (mostly), real ingredients and simple, yet elegant recipes. I develop, test, taste, and photograph all of my own recipes and stand behind everything I cook so you can always count on delicious and consistent results.

I really hope you enjoy reading and unleash some of your own Kitchen Swagger. Also, check out my latest creation. hazyandhoppy.com, a site dedicated to homebrew and craft beer.

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