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Your Brand + Kitchen Swagger

Meet Shawn Williams, the creator behind Kitchen Swagger. Shawn lives in Massachusetts with his wife Patty. He started Kitchen Swagger as a hobby and for his love to cook and experiment with food. Shawn is a creative person and professional Marketer.

He understands what marketers are trying to achieve and can increase brands exposure through incorporating their products into his recipes. His philosophy on cooking is to create quick, easy, and delicious recipes with an emphasis on whole foods. A recipe is a rough guide and shouldn’t limit you from adding your own creative spin.

About Kitchen Swagger

Kitchen Swagger ( is a food blog that focuses on a wide variety of simple, seasonal, and delicious cuisines from Shawn, his wife Patty, and brother-in-law Scott. Founded in late 2014, Kitchen Swagger is a food blog with a major focus on growth and relationship building. In the past year Kitchen Swagger has seen a major increase in traffic and spike in follower engagement. Kitchen Swagger has male and female readers from all over the world, with the largest audience from North America (92%).


Last 30 days
Monthly Page Views : 450,563
Unique Visitors: 215,000+


88% USA
4.5% Canada
1.3% UK
1% Australia
5.2% (Rest of world)

67% Women
33% Men

14% 18-24
37% 25-34
19% 35-44
14% 45-54
11% 55-64
5% 65+

Top Traffic Sources

Google (Organic) 59%
Social (Mainly Pinterest) 27%
Direct 9%
Referral 5%


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