13 Bourbon Cocktails for Whiskey Lovers

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This list features some of my all-time favorite bourbon-based cocktails. While most drinks here call for bourbon, there are a few that are traditionally made with American rye. Bourbon has become a welcomed substitute for rye in several classic cocktails, such as the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. While some purists may disagree, I think it’s a matter of personal preference.

1. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

How to make the classic old fashioned drink the right way. Bourbon, bitters, simple syrup (sugar cube), and an orange peel.

2. Manhattan

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

The Manhattan drink made two slightly different ways (classic versus perfect). Either way, it’s always constructed with bourbon, vermouth, and bitters.

3. Improved Whiskey Cocktail

Improved Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

The improved whiskey cocktail is a mix between a Sazerac and the Old Fashioned. Sound good? This just may be your new favorite whiskey cocktail.

4. Boulevardier

5. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour Recipe

A classic Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe made with bourbon, lemon, simple sugar, and egg white. Frothy, citrusy, and refreshing.

6. New York Sour

New York Sour Recipe

A classic New York Sour recipe made with bourbon, lemon, simple sugar, egg white, and a red wine float. Frothy, citrusy, and refreshing.

7. Paper Plane

Paper Plane Cocktail Recipe

The paper plane is a citrusy cocktail most similar to the characteristics of a more bitter whiskey sour or sidecar. It’s smooth, warm, and refreshing.

8. Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy Recipe

My bourbon Hot Toddy, made with honey, fresh lemon juice, and a cinnamon stick, is sure to be the pick-me-up you need to get through the winter months.

9. Gold Rush

Gold Rush Cocktail With a Rosemary Twist

A twist on the classic gold rush cocktail made with bourbon, lemon, honey, Applejack brandy, and fresh rosemary. A smooth, citrusy, and refreshing whiskey cocktail with fall vibes.

10. Bourbon Smash

11. Fig-Infused Bourbon

12. Bourbon Lemonade

Bourbon Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

A citrusy, tart, and slightly sweet bourbon cocktail that will remind you of fresh lemonade. Thanks to the mint and ginger beer, this cocktail takes on a new level of complex flavor.

13. Maple Manhattan

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