6 Cocktail Recipes Using Maraschino Liqueur

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Maraschino liqueur is a unique cherry-flavored spirit made from sour Marasca cherries. It’s clear, slightly sweet, and found in many classic and Prohibition-Era cocktails. Luxardo is the most well-known cherry liqueur brand and my recommendation should you decide to embark on this maraschino cocktail journey.

Arguably the most famous drink made with Maraschino liqueur is the Aviation cocktail—a smooth, flowery, and, assertive gin-based classic. Below are a few more well-known favorites that should pique your interest as well. I highly recommend you grab a bottle and put it to good use. While it’s often used sparingly in drinks, I wouldn’t stock a home bar without it

1. Last Word

Last Word Cocktail Recipe

The Last Word is a well-balanced elixir consisting of equal parts gin, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and fresh lime juice.

2. Aviation

Aviation Cocktail Recipe

One of my all time favorite classic cocktails from the early 1900’s. Gin, maraschino liqueur (cherry), crème de violette, and fresh lemon juice.

3. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Cocktail Recipe

Manhattan lovers listen up. The Brooklyn cocktail is a classic whiskey drink made with maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, and bitters.

4. Tuxedo No. 2

Tuxedo No. 2 Cocktail Recipe

The tuxedo no. 2 is a fantastic riff on the classic gin martini made with dry gin, dry vermouth, absinthe, maraschino liqueur, orange bitters, and a lemon twist.

5. Improved Whiskey Cocktail

Improved Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

The improved whiskey cocktail is a mix between a Sazerac and the Old Fashioned. Sound good? This just may be your new favorite whiskey cocktail.

6. Hemingway Daiquiri

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  1. What a fabulous collection of cocktails! I adore a good Aviation and was wondering how to use Maraschino Liqueur in other drinks. Thanks so much for this article. I will work myself down the list and enjoy every single one. It might even take me more than one night!